The Pen and Ink Journal (entry #5)

The Pen And Ink Journal 

(entry #5)

My Grimoire, Wizard Journal, all around fun stuff

I drive to work at 4:45 every morning. 
This is how I see the raccoons. 
Their eyes are reflecting my headlights.

This page needed to be dark, because of the hour of night. I brushed it with watered down walnut ink, let it dry and then brushed on another coat. I used a brown ink pad and a brush to apply more ink around the edges. 
There is raw umber and white spattered on the page. 
Iron it flat.

Here again you can see how out of control the "messy" can get. The large stain in the middle is alcohol ink. I put two coffee cup stains in the upper right corner and dripped water over the walnut ink and it dripped down over the rabbits.

It's hard to see on this picture, the detail in the horses eyes.
I spent more time on them.

I used white pastel chalk for the highlights on her cloak.
 I took liberties with this being "local" animals. 
I did do local animals, however I didn't say from this time period. 
I like that she has on a cloak... 
Instead of a giant mans shirt like I always wear.



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