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Pen and Ink Journal (entry # 22)

Pen and Ink Journal (entry #22)

My Pen and Ink Journal, my Spiderwick Journal, my Ashmole 782.  (entry# 22)  

Art Studio Witch Fairy...  She is a shape shifter, switching from a small black mouse to a fairy witch that lives in my art studio.  I caught her "shifting" once,  just a tiny mouse in her long black robes.  I often find that some art supply I was JUST using have disappeared. She is a trickster!
Below:  This is a close up of her trying to hide on one of my books.

Below: This is a close up of her in her in her other shape, a small black mouse.

OK, I know this chapter is about creatures that are seldom seen. However we have a feral cat that is exactly that... seldom seen.  His name is Phil.  I'm currently trying to chase Phil off.  We can't trap him to have him neutered,  he is way to skittish for that.  The problem with Phil is he has started killing  the wild birds we feed,   3 in one day!  Now I'm banging pots and pans every time I see him.

The  Wingless House Fairy does n…

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