Pen and Ink Journal #27

More posting of the Pen and Ink Journal 
Entry #27

The following postings are part of the "magical postings".  
My so called "Grimore, Ashmole 782, Wizard Journal are all part of the curiosities.
 I love this section. The research was fascinating! 

Above: Lucky Charms, Amulets and Talisman.

Above: Tarot Cards

Above: Runes

Above: Chakra

Thanks for reading!


D.l.fraser said…
I absoluty adored following your journey, especially in this time of crisis you have managed to capture my imagination and spark curiosity. Im hoping to see more of your postings unless you have already finished it? thanks for sharing. its been really fun. I hope that one day you can turn this into a online course for others to join in the fun. Your art and blog is charming. I hope you are well.

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