Pen and Ink Journal (Entry # 26)

Pen and Ink Journal (Entry # 26)

My Pen and Ink Journal, my Ashmole 782, 
the Wizard's Journal, The Grimoire.

The next chapter is... Magic, Beliefs and Wonder.
This chapter delves into the questions that we (ok... me, I...) have. I always wonder about things like "Lucid Dreaming", The Power of Crystals", "Indian Fetishes" or "Spirit Animals" What's it all about? What does it all mean? So I started doing some research. I found it fascinating and inspiring for my art work.  My house (coincidentally) has many of these "questionable" items. Shown below is some of my Indian fetishes. I have collected these tiny carvings for over 4 decades! I love them.
I have kept dream journals, dreamed in color and had "lucid dreaming" events. 
Needless to say, my fascination with the "other worldly" life styles is always there. This latest chapter, the end chapter, will explore all those different beliefs that people hold close.

The above picture includes "Indian Fetishes", a crystal ball, a wand, dream catcher, a very stoic owl, tarot cards and more. This isn't too far from my own art studio!

A close up.

"Auras" page 204 and "Lucid Dreaming" page 205.

Pages 206 and 207 "Common Dream Meanings"

"Spirit Animals" Do you know yours?

As you can see above, this is page 209 in this journal.
It's a close up of the "Spirit Animals" page.
I loved painting this page. 
My family thinks my spirit animal is Godzilla.

More next week.


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