Pen and Ink Journal (Entry #25)

Pen and Ink Journal (Entry #25)

These are my latest entries for the Pen and Ink Journal, my Grimoire, my Wizard's book my Ashmole.782.

This group of photos are from the last entry of the chapter called 
"Words to Remember".
It is dealing with sadness and grief 
through words that I have found. 

I would give credit to the author, if it had been listed, 
however, it was not. 
The above page (199) I believe are my words, but I am sure they are the words of many...


                                   "with you
          went so much
                                       of me"

The above art is stenciled. 

"If you can lie down at night, 
knowing in your heart that you made
 someones day just a little bit better,
 you know you had a good day.

Another stencil was used in the above art page, 
along with walnut ink.

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