Pen and Ink Journal (Entry # 15)

The Pen and Ink Journal (entry # 15)

My journal, my witches or wizard book, my Grimoire, 
my Ashmole 782.

The start of a new chapter!
Making a Beautiful Life is about just that. Making your life more beautiful. I tip my hat to the author Alexander Stoddard who wrote the book "Making A Beautiful Life".
She talks about bringing fresh flowers into your home, potpourri, painting your walls beautiful shades of blue... You get the idea. 

I've always wanted to make candles. 
I think it would be fun, but it would also (perhaps) save me some money. I still haven't gotten around to making them,
 however I kept these pages pretty 'stain free' 
so I can read my writing.
 I DO plan on making this project.

Smudging and Clearing your Home of Bad Energy. 
I own smudge sticks, but I don't burn them and wave them around the house. I think they are interesting because of their 
Native American Indian influence.
I had a really, really difficult time drawing the bowl, pictured below. Even now it's not straight. I ended up cheating, using tracing paper, to try and get it right. Why in the world was this so difficult?

Ouch! Talk about difficult, drawing stacked books was a serious lesson in perspective! I liked them though and am very happy with how this picture turned out.
These two pages cover the meanings of candle colors, candles for magic and candles for protection.

I DO occasionally burn incense. This was a fascinating study... did you know that there are studies where the Chinese burn incense in operating rooms, for the antiseptic properties?  Or it is wonderful for increasing focus? Or for insomnia or increased sexual desire? 
Wow! Who knew! 

My challenge on this page was smoke.
It looks better in the journal than it does here... Perhaps because it's too opaque in the picture and not see through enough.
 Again, the book pushes my abilities...

Thank you for reading this weeks postings!


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