Pen and Ink Journal (entry # 20)

Pen and Ink Journal (entry #20)

My Grimoire, or The Pen and Ink Journal, or the Ashmole 782

In this part of the journal I am still (and will continue) to 
pen and paint "Seldom Seen Things".
I love the idea that these illustrations are factual 
(I believe) and not made up. 
"Tree Gnomes" are the little people that live in the holes in the trees around our yard. They are quite the architects. Their construction is very advanced. It's hard to see them during the day, but at night, on the opposite side of the tree, you can find them because they have very well lit houses. 

The "Home Gnomes" are so adept at hiding, that you never see them.  They dress in clothing that completely camouflages them. We have about a dozen in our home. 
While writing this book, they have made themselves known to me. 
They wanted to be included in this book.

"House Fairies" are different than "House Gnomes". House Gnomes are bulkier or heavier. Fairies are very, very light. They can be blown around the room by the ceiling fans if they aren't secured. The stamps below were used a lot in this journal. I do much of my own writing, but I used "script stamps" too. 

This tiny "House Fairy" was leaning up against the closhe, (not sure how to spell that word...) when I saw her.
 Below is the actual closhe.
It has vintage books tied with a linen bow. I also use melted marbles through out my house. I think they have a very magical feeling. I often put them in my bird nests, instead of~ or next to, the eggs.

I must say here, that I am loving the backgrounds 
(candles, nests, feathers...)  that I created, to fit with 
"the journal" in the pictures. 
So much so, that I have left much of the 
backgrounds still in my studio.
This is pretty much the "decor" in our home. Some people are "contemporary" or "modern" or "Early American" etc...
 Our house is "Random Nature". 
Pine cones, bird nests, vintage books, candles and wood, this is our "style" and it makes me happy.



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