Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh dear.... new neighbors?

The boyscout camp south of our home used to be filled with Australian Pine trees. It was beautiful. In one corner of the property (far, far away from our house) the turkey buzzards lived. I heard they also nested on the tops of buildings like the Justice building in down town Miami.
Which I always thought was funny.
Although I'm sure all the lawyers and judges didn't...
When Hurricane Wilma came through, everyone of those Australian Pine trees came down. Since then, the buzzards have been house hunting...

The neighborhood to the east had been visited and so had the neighborhood to the west. But they only stayed for a day or two. Today I came home and our neighbor's fence line (on the way TO OUR house) had "visitors"...
Oh dear...

Maybe they thought this new born calf was going to be dinner. Mamma cow (with the twisty horns) was having NOTHING to do with that plan. She's never walked further than 2 feet from her new baby. None the less, that turkey buzzard is still bigger than the calf.

As if it's not scary enough for some of our friends to visit us "out in the country", we now had these new neighbors. I did the photo below in Sepia toned color. Hee Hee, now it's even creepier!

Well, the good news is they have moved on. I see them flying on the wind currents up in the sky, they're looking for a new home elsewhere.
Whew! Missed the bullet!


  1. Karen, you can find them and visit with them in the early morning on top of the roof at countryside shops!hahaha!

  2. "What do you want to do today?"

    "I dunno.. what do you want to do today?"

    "Well, I dunno, man... what do you want to do today?"

    -- The Jungle Book