Saturday, January 8, 2011

how does he do it?

... Before picture

Now don't get me wrong. I love my husband's cooking and the fact that he cooks, well it's one of the sweetest thing in life. However, I like things neat and tidy. He doesn't. I NEEEED clean counters. He seems to relish in disaster. Before I leave for work, I clean the kitchen. This is what I come home to. I don't know how he puts out such great meal in the middle of the chaos. In life we weigh the "worth" of some situations. Do I like this situation? No. Is it worth it?
I will clean anytime to avoid having to do the cooking.
And to eat his wonderful meals.

... After picture
Ahhhh, now I comfortable once again.


  1. I hear ya Girl!! Thanks good Cal is a great cook and keeps it neat Thanks god !! But I still do the clean up, which is fair . He is exploring pastas right now . The other day He made one with caramelized cauliflower and tomato cream sauce. It was beyond outstanding!!!

  2. AJ manages to have this effect on the whole house in a short couple of hours, and he does no cooking mind you! Its a good thing he's cute...

  3. this made me smile :)

    <3 shell

  4. Ha ha. I can relate to this. . . except right now my counter is covered with art supplies. Hmmm.