Sunday, January 9, 2011

give me a hug

Imagine having a dog and never stopping to give him a hug.
He would just wonder around your home, kinda lost. It would be so sad.

Now think of how many people go months without sincere attention, let alone physical contact.
People ignore them.
Touch someone today.
Getter yet, give them a real hug.


  1. People who are touched live longer this is especailly true for older men .That is why people who live alone do so well with pets . Hugs someone today !!! When my past husbands was so sick and dying and it hurt him to get touched . I missed that that the most in the last months . One night in bed about 3 weeks before he died he reached over and put is hand on my hip . I just froze I wanted the moment it to last forever and him too ,but it was not meant to be . Good post !!

  2. As I see Julie holding her dog gave me a big a big smile after reading her post. We all need xxxoooxooxo.