Sunday, January 16, 2011

An easy project

A small corner of our home.
This is one of those easy projects. You can buy the box from Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I apologize for the glare on the glass. I tried every which way to avoid it, but it's there.

The above photo:
I took a photo of our house, made it into a stencil and cut it out on card stock. I coated it with encaustic wax and shaded it with a stabilo pencil. It's in the right hand corner. The pink (vellum) cherub is on the left watching over our family, here and in heaven.

These two angels are part of the grouping. I can't resist buying aged looking angels.

The nest is real, it has (not real) eggs inside. I used my antique typewriter to type out words like "nest, family, love, home'...etc... I wove the words in and out of the nest.

The single broken one was a quail egg.

The background was completed using old papers, stamps, spattered paint...etc... to make the collaged look.
Love it, it makes me smile and sometimes makes me sad.
That's kinda like everything I come in contact with.


  1. I am in tears right now. You have an amazing to gift to capture life in beautiful, haunting, abstract ways. I wish more than anything right now that there were four whole eggs in your nest.