Saturday, October 10, 2015

Flying With Paper Wings

Flying With Paper Wings.

 Alright, she is almost done. However, those that know me know, I will overwork this to death. 
The same way I will over think something. It will go on and on and on. 
Then on and on some more...

I DO like the background. 

The above photo shows her with a VERY LONG nose. Actually,   it resembles mine.  :)
Seriously.  (I'm serious here.)
My nose is my grandmother's and my sister Rudi also has a similar nose. Her face also seemed long.
So I shortened the entire face, the nose is shorter, the lips are higher, and the chin was raised almost an inch.

I think, her look now,  is much more feminine. 
I'm thinking here ~ how SWEET it would be to be able to "alter" ourselves in such an easy manner.
I'd certainly shorten my nose, take out the bump on the bridge and erase all my wrinkles!  

This is  the canvas for my next angel. 
My angels are all a little dark. They seem a bit grungy or maybe drug addicted...
It's just I feel that life, is often dark or grungy. So my angels are not pristine.
The real world is not perfect, nor is my art.
Maybe I'll call this series "Angels Gone Wild".
or maybe not...

Looking forward to painting tomorrow.
Please friends, go have some fun. Paint, write, sew, compose, whatever... just create.
Spend some time doing something you've wanted to do for a long time.
Lock yourself up in a quiet space and DO IT!
Something for you.

You will be happy you did.

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  1. Nice Work, I wish I could do faces like you. I would group all of them together on the wall...