Sunday, June 27, 2010

A new girlfriend for my studio!

The only girlie space in my entire house is in my studio. I live in a home filled with major testosterone. Even the dog is male. I've wanted a French Mannequin for my girlie room for a long time. Everywhere I looked (ebay/antique stores...) they were either too distressed or way too expensive. I found the wonderful blog by Heather Bullard and she shows how to buy a new mannequin and distress it to look old. Wow! How fantastic!
Shown in the picture above is the new girl, getting a coat of primer.
The next step was to paint her in a beautiful vintage looking cream color. There is an antiquing glaze made by "Valspar" that comes premixed. I rubbed that over the cream paint.
Then scuff and sand the support pole and legs. (They came prepainted black) The one on the left is new, the one on the right has been scuff sanded.

I wanted to put "Paris" on the neck. I looked for stamps, but I wanted something larger. When I was in Mount Dora I came across this old clock. The lettering was perfect! My friend Donna suggested that I use this as my lettering. I quick snapped a photo and made it into a print the correct size for the neck.
I made 2 prints in case I messed up one...

Next I cut out the lettering. I found this really, really, tiny cutter at AC Moore and with my 50% off coupon, it cost me $5.00. Now I had my stencil!!

Because the fabric was ribbed I had to do some clean up with a fine point 'Sharpie' and some of the original cream colored paint using my liner brush.

And now she is finished! Finally, another girl (albiet a half of a girl) is living in the house!
$32.00 mannequin
$9.50 shipping
$2.50 spray primer (approx)
$8.00 quart of paint (approx)
$6.00 glaze (approx)
$5.00 new exacto knife
$63.00 total
Thank you Heather Bullard for all the help!

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