Saturday, June 5, 2010

How can I work in here?

I can't even walk in here. Where is my work table? I hadn't even put away the "Disney Epcot" art show stuff, let alone the "Art and Soul Retreat" goodies and supplies. What a disaster. A full day of organizing and my wonderful husband installing an additional shelf in the closet has allowed me to once again enter my space!
Yahoo! A clear floor! I can actually get to my table and work , lol, not that I'm doing any work... I even put labels on the new boxes that tell what is inside them. The large box (in the foreground) in the first picture, holds my new french mannequin. I bought her for $32.99 on eBay, then distressed her so she looks "antique". You can see her in the back corner in all her glory!

1 comment:

  1. who does not love a before and after pic. !!! Good girl l no wonder you were stuck!!! Now to pan down again to our pics at art and sou.l All the pics were so good. To bad I left my camera in the bar and never got it back!!!!$400 bucks Yikes!!!!