Sunday, June 20, 2010

Girls weekend!!

Donna and I went on a girl's weekend trip. What a blast!! We started our trip in Orlando at "Stampfest". It's always so much nicer to see the stamps up close and personal. I never knew I needed that crow stamp so bad, or how could I pass up that beautiful background stamp for only $5.00? It was great. Spent too much money, but I needed it all!
We spent the night in Ocala at mom's house. It was so sweet seeing her with her boyfriend, Bob. Sunday morning we hit the road early and headed back south to Mount Dora for the weekend flea market. We found a little store inside the covered pavilions called "English Rose", owned by Sandra Bentley. She had a wonderful one day sale going on for her entire store!!

Aren't those words just music to your ears? SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! We loved working with Sandra and loved the great prices.
Here's a picture of Donna holding up one of her linen vintage hankies.

This lamp was spectacular. It's kind of hard to see it, but it's the skelaton wires of a lampshade covered with real dried vines. Oh, I loved it!

Lastly, Grizzly was VERY happy I was home tonight. He came over to when I was uploading my photos and wouldn't leave me alone until I assured him he was the best dog ever and gave him some of his favorite cookies.


  1. Love the floor lamp!
    If you like sales, do not miss our 4th of July sale, we will have an hourly sale Saturday the 3rd. Sorry, Karen no discount on Sid Dickens!

  2. What a fun weekend!!! I love Mt. Dora!! So, did you hit Hobby Lobby in Ocala? We stopped there last week on our way back from Gainesville while we were looking for a place to eat. Too bad I didn't have time to stop.
    I'm sure Mr. Grizzley missed you to pieces! Glad to hear he got some cookies to make him a happy boy!