Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fake out studio

My studio is really our guest bedroom. This is the view from the bed, across the room. When you walk by the entrance and look in, it's kinda important that it looks like nice. So from the door way, it looks like this:

Magazines like "Studio" or "Where Women Create" are bad. They make me "pine" (as Webster dictionary defines "to suffer intense longing.") for a real studio. Right now my REAL studio is in the family room. The stamps, pads, clay and papers fill an entire table, sitting out in the open to hopefully inspire me to start back to work.

My fake-out studio is also a gift wrapping room. My husband hung this pegboard behind the door to hold all the wrapping paper and (re"gifting") gift bags. See picture below.

Kinda a cool thing, yes?

So, if you stay in the guest room, on the guest bed, this is your view across the room.

Then there is the closet which is outfitted with shelves that hold all the extra supplies, waiting patiently for me to take out and MAKE SOMETHING!

The studio space is working for today. My dream of the perfect studio will someday not only be in my head or on paper but an actual space. Does anyone else have a "studio" like this one?


  1. My "studio" is an office area right off the family room. It needs some serious organziation and shelves, and is so NOT photo-worthy. I would love to have a huge room with lots of cabinets and a big table to work on.

  2. My "no" studio needs so much TLC! I posted it so it will make me move faster and start the cleaning!