Sunday, August 16, 2015

Seven months, really?

Hard to believe it's almost 7 months since I last posted. I feel like it has been about that long since I (seriously) painted anything!  By "seriously" I mean 'used a canvas'. I've actually been steady with the creative side, still working in two journals, but the commitment to painting on canvas has really been a struggle.

 I'm back baby. 

I like the above crow, however the bottom half bothers me. It's too dark ~ AGAIN. 
It's too dark because I had to keep painting (and repainting) it. 
LOL! I was going for translucent! 
The paper's underlying the paint were beautiful...

I was gifted a vacation from my mom. Those of you that know Kay, know she is the most wonderful mom ever. She took me, my sisters and herself to Europe. We were joined by her new husband Bob and his daughter (my NEW sister) Pam.  Pam and I went first to Paris.

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! 
(me dancing and fist bumping)

I figured I would never get back to Europe (considering $$$ and my husbands dislike of travel) so I took advantage of the time and spent and additional five days in Paris. It was the best EVER. One of my favorite parts was a side trip to a Paris flea market. I bought 14 very old french books. The average price was $4.00. My paintings now include a little bit of Paris.

So did the one above, except now you can't see it because of the painting and repainting. Then painting again. 

Good to be back.

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