Saturday, May 24, 2014

Where does inspiration come from?

Where does inspiration come from?


Painting Sheep

I started painting sheep. Not that I'm finished with crows yet. It just gives me something else right now to work on. I think the hardest part of painting (and teaching) is trying to figure out what it is, I want to paint. Once the inspiration hits, then you've got a direction. Finding that inspiration is sometimes almost impossible. Just how, do you find your ideas?

My mom raised Nubian Goats for many years. I was always fascinated by their strange eyes, with sideways pupils. There is a funny golden~green coloring that seemed almost iridescent. Sheep have the same eyes but their bodies are fatter (because of the fur?) and this appeals to me.  It's puzzling,  how inspiration hits in the weirdest ways. So for today, I'm painting sheep. The sheep above I titled "Where to, today?" For some reason, as soon as his face was almost complete, his expression was asking me that question. 
Now that he's finished, the question is there once again.  What to paint next? Or Where to, today? 
It doesn't matter. I'm just going to go to my studio and start preparing canvas's and hope that something strikes me. Some how... to get an idea down and out of the recess's in my brain.


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    1. Barbara, you made a comment a LOOOONNNG time ago and I just found it! Thank you for saying nice things, and thank you for reading the blog. :)