Friday, May 30, 2014

My latest angel…

or as my husband calls it:
"Statue of Liberty Angel with prison ID numbers"

Borrowing a line from Sarah McLachlan, I'm going to call her
"May You Find Some Comfort There"

This painting is from a photo of a cemetery angel I found on the Internet. Unfortunately, the entire article was in Spanish so I couldn't give credit. It did say "Buenos Aires" and something about "Y desespero".  I love cemeteries and the old head stones and statues found there. 
The photo was beautiful and inspiring.

Although (the photo) admittedly didn't much resemble the Statue of Liberty as much as mine does. We had an air conditioner repair man here when I was putting on the final touches. Chuck asks the repair man "Hey, what does this look like to you?" Instead of saying concrete angel he immediately says (you already guessed) "Statue of Liberty." At which time my husband starts whooping and gives the guy a high five.

First I put down a collection of papers.  I used acrylic paints, black, Payne's Grey and white, followed by a color wash of browns. 


  1. Karen, this is truly stunning in every way!!! I absolutely love your artwork my dear. Such a talent!
    sending hugs...

  2. I will help you give them both a high the face....with a chair...

  3. Seriously. High five. In the face. It DID make me crack up. I can't be a serious person.