Sunday, September 14, 2014

Girl's Art Week

Girl's Art Week

There is nothing better than an all girl's art week. That's right, the girl's, art, coffee, art, wine, more art.
Oh yeah… add in Frito's and crunchy Cheeto's.

I was in Atlanta visiting my sister Rudi, and BFF Kim. We went to an "Art Walk",  
visiting 'working'  art studio's in downtown Atlanta.  Such incredible artist there! 
My favorite was 
Her art was beautiful and her studio was gorgeous!  

The above art is my chalk drawing of the three of us.
Below is the actual group.

The "Yellow Daisy" Festival was wonderful! Not much in the form of art, however beautiful crafts, homemade breads/syrups/hot sauces and all forms of jewelry. 

I painted 3 paintings and as always, learned so much. The painting below is called:
"What Condition My Condition Is In".
You may remember the song from the 1968 hit "Just Dropped In (to see what condition my condition was in) written by Micky Newbury. Here's a little history for those of you who liked the song… it was first recored by Jerry Lee Lewis in 1967. In 1968 it was re-released by the band "The First Edition" with Kenny Rogers singing lead vocals.
All of which is more interesting than the painting, but I enjoyed painting it.

Rudi (my sister) painted and wrote more of her wonderful story that she is soon to be self publishing.
While visiting her son's & daughter's law offices, I noticed the below art work on the wall.
It was a really cool piece from long ago, so I published it in this post because 
I always loved her "Pallet Art".

The piece below is what Kim was working on.
She hadn't named it when I had left, however I'm sure it will have
the number 423 in there somewhere. (Rudi counted the marks…)

Lastly, the 3 of us having dinner.
It was an amazing week and I already feel the need to return.

Thanks for letting me share my wonderful trip.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Four Angels

My latest projects.

I've just completed a set of four angels on wooden plaques. They are approximately 6"x12". 
They are each a season and have a word with spiritual meaning.
The above is the Faith Angel and she is the Spring.

The Peace Angel is the Summer Angel. 

This 'lovely', is the Hope Angel. She is the Fall. 

Lastly is the Winter Angel of Love.

Once again, this week I am reminded how much fun it is to have inspiration. 
These were so much fun to work on, that is, once the idea hit. 
I will be teaching these at the Paper Niche store in September, October and November.
Class cost is $50.00 and the student class limit is 12.

It's a good thing that I had a focus this week. It has been a tough one. Personal reasons are at a high…

Not going to share on this one, however I will vent about the technical side.

My art studio TV (less than 6 months old) ceased to work this week. Big black screen. The good news is Best Buy says they will (maybe ) fix it. It's out for repair.
My iPod (less than 2 months old) will not 'shuffle' songs. It just plays the same song over and over.
Best Buy will NOT help in this case.
My cell phone (flip top, also less than 2 months old) has a black screen. Possibly it has a messed up battery because I leave it plugged in over night and somehow fried the battery. I had to buy a new one.
The Apple lap top I'm typing on keeps misbehaving,  like not scrolling down.

My husband says I have a "Force Field" around me causing these devices to break down.
I have a low frequency hum, that breaks down anything that is electronic.

Did I mention that my boss, Liz, has moved back to Cleveland this week? It was totally unexpected  (better that I had no idea, had I known for more than I did,
I would have figured out a way to sabotage her leaving) now I'm super sad.

This has been a week of headaches.
I'm glad I had the Angels.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Give yourself a 'Why'.

Give Yourself A Why

I finished this crow. It feels too dark. I mean literally, too dark. I think it needs the contrast of more light colors.  I'm not crazy about the lettering, either. Also, it's sealed with a gloss finish so I can't do any  corrections. I have to stop reworking it and reworking it.  
HOWEVER, I do like some of the painting (kinda) AND I like the wording. 

It says

"Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how." -Victor Frankl

Give yourself a 'Why'.

On another note, it's interesting when I come home and see a closed door.
No one ever closes doors so I'm thinking "What's up in here…"

You know those sayings "you know your family's a redneck when…"

Our spare bedroom.

Now the room smells of tire rubber.
Oh boy.

My son's new 37" truck tires...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Really Tacky Makeover!!!
(but a favorite of mine!)

The art studio/guest bedroom continues to be a source of inspiration and fun. The lamp below
is a dumpster dive piece. These are REALLY cool and I've managed to score 2! Even if you don't use them for lighting or candle holders, you can take them apart and get 6 really awesome metal squares that have a very gothic feel… If I find another, I'm going to use the metal squares as picture frames… The one pictured below is on a old post and I just decorated with some crystals, pearls and put two candles in it. It's old and cool.
Can you believe people throw these away???

OK, now here comes the really tacky version...



 My studio is all white… stuff. 90 % is reclaimed, repurposed, hand me downs, dumpster dive, freebies… This lamp, same as the first one is spray painted gloss white. The inside plastic that covered the light bulb was very yellowed with age, so I replaced the bulb with a low heat bulb (L.E.D?) and made a new cover out of PAPER!! I wrapped the old cover and just slid the paper off, (after I taped the sides together) and now I have a pretty (pure white) bulb cover! 
Next came the fun part. I had some old sparkly costume jewelry that I never wore. I found 5 foot strands of pearls (cheap) at Christmas time, that is used for Christmas tree garland. I hung a junk pearl necklace and found even MORE pearls at "Party City" in the pirate section. 
Oh yeah… I found a set of 5 crystals (for chandeliers) at Home Depot. I believe they were $5.99.

I draped and hung and draped more and layered until it was super tacky.

I love it.

Here it is shown below in the right hand corner.

And again here, in the right corner.
A wider view of the studio and bedroom.
A fun and tacky (I say glamorous) chandelier!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Such Whimsy! 

The next class will be July 26th, Saturday 10 AM - 2 PM.
Sign up at my favorite store, the Paper Niche.
 This funny girl with her pets 
will be the painting we will be working on. 
There will be plenty of possibilities for making her "your own". 
(see next photo)

Check 'Paper Niche's' web address (above) to see the supply list.
Join me for a day of easy, fun and relaxing painting.

I hope to see you there!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Art Journal

Art Journal

I purchased a new "sketch~art journal" for an upcoming trip. I already have a number of  art journals, but this one is going to be strictly sketching and painting. My other ones consist of everything from shopping lists, movie stubs, photos, Dr. apt.,  and whatever else ends up in them. Of course, being an "art journal" they also include lots of art. However, after seeing so many REAL art/sketch journals on Pinterest, I have become inspired.  This is my first painting. 

I will call it:


In preparation for this trip our family is taking, I have also been researching "travel art kits".
This has been so much fun! Just what to pack for a week at sea? There are great tips on the Internet and of course on Pinterest. To get all my supplies I lucked out on a great sale at Pearls! Oh, be still my heart! All those beautiful brushes and paints…. 

A super fun weekend of art shopping and making art!
It doesn't get any better!

Friday, May 30, 2014

My latest angel…

or as my husband calls it:
"Statue of Liberty Angel with prison ID numbers"

Borrowing a line from Sarah McLachlan, I'm going to call her
"May You Find Some Comfort There"

This painting is from a photo of a cemetery angel I found on the Internet. Unfortunately, the entire article was in Spanish so I couldn't give credit. It did say "Buenos Aires" and something about "Y desespero".  I love cemeteries and the old head stones and statues found there. 
The photo was beautiful and inspiring.

Although (the photo) admittedly didn't much resemble the Statue of Liberty as much as mine does. We had an air conditioner repair man here when I was putting on the final touches. Chuck asks the repair man "Hey, what does this look like to you?" Instead of saying concrete angel he immediately says (you already guessed) "Statue of Liberty." At which time my husband starts whooping and gives the guy a high five.

First I put down a collection of papers.  I used acrylic paints, black, Payne's Grey and white, followed by a color wash of browns. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Where does inspiration come from?

Where does inspiration come from?


Painting Sheep

I started painting sheep. Not that I'm finished with crows yet. It just gives me something else right now to work on. I think the hardest part of painting (and teaching) is trying to figure out what it is, I want to paint. Once the inspiration hits, then you've got a direction. Finding that inspiration is sometimes almost impossible. Just how, do you find your ideas?

My mom raised Nubian Goats for many years. I was always fascinated by their strange eyes, with sideways pupils. There is a funny golden~green coloring that seemed almost iridescent. Sheep have the same eyes but their bodies are fatter (because of the fur?) and this appeals to me.  It's puzzling,  how inspiration hits in the weirdest ways. So for today, I'm painting sheep. The sheep above I titled "Where to, today?" For some reason, as soon as his face was almost complete, his expression was asking me that question. 
Now that he's finished, the question is there once again.  What to paint next? Or Where to, today? 
It doesn't matter. I'm just going to go to my studio and start preparing canvas's and hope that something strikes me. Some how... to get an idea down and out of the recess's in my brain.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

More trash to treasures/ the bunny!

This (above) bunny was a gift from my mom and dad from YEARS ago. It's little paper mache body was stuffed in the back of the closet, all but completely forgotten. When I reworked the upstairs into the (now turned) art studio, I pulled her from her hiding place and covered the odd mustard yellow paper mache with white printed tissue paper. I color washed it with more white and lastly repainted the details  giving her pink eyes, nose and ears. 
Oh yea, she also got a great white feather boa!
I'm serious when I say this entire room was done in all old stuff, hand me downs and trash to treasures.
Still loving this space!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

 Mermaid Paper Doll & Her Sea Horse.

Hello everyone! I'm making my first stab at working with Paper Dolls. I've never had any experience in this area so if you take my class, you can probably teach me a thing or two about "how-to"!

This class is offered at the Paper Niche  May 17th, at 10:00-2:00. 
In the below pictures, the two are not totally finished. I'm adding rhinestones to her sea horse and more of the "Stickle Glitter". This is your chance to really get creative in adding all kinds of cool items. Also not finished are her 'boobies'. They need some work… Maybe I will just add some real sea shells to this area.

The two have movable body parts. Her horse's head and tail fin move and she is jointed in 10 (!) places.  These two can be displayed in your studio space OR glued down in your Schizophrenic Art Journal. We are staying within the theme of the 'Girl with her Spirit Animal'. Her eye shape and color are the same as her horse. There is a lot of room for 'making this your own'. Change the color of their scales, hair and eye color, where ever your imagination leads you!

On the home front, Mom came through her hip surgery great. The doctor's say she is about two weeks ahead of the average person in healing. Her knees gave her fits though. We knew her hips and her knees were both bad, but the doctor said they treat first, what is most urgent, and that was her hip. So she is now on her way to being mended. Amazing what those doctors can do these days. Next will be those knees of hers.

Thank you for your prayers for Kay,


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Painting crows.

Can I keep painting crows?

I mean, do you paint what you like? Do you HAVE to paint other stuff? Right now I'm painting crows. 
Maybe soon I'll start painting sheep or bunnies. But now I'm in the mood for the black birds.

The words on the bottom say:
'to be unable to forget, even in one's dreams'

More to come!
Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Latest crow

The latest crow…

Yesterday I painted this crow. I like him. I even signed my name.
Crows are cool. I want a t shirt that says that.
(I'm always designing my own t shirt line)
There are many spiritual ideas associated with the crow.
 I like "personal transformation and prophetic insight".

Lyania Vanzant, the motivational speaker was on Oprah's Own. She was talking about having a "vision", as in a goal. The following is a quote from her, (loosely)  remembered.  :)

'You NEED a vision. A vision will pull you forward.
If you don't have a vision, you will be stuck in what you know, what you've already seen. 
A vision that walks with you, sleeps with you, moves with you, 
a vision you can tap into ~ will PULL you forward.'

This is what art and the studio upstairs is to me. It's a vision. 
I love what she says. If you don't have a vision, you just continue doing what your doing.

 For me, it's small baby steps. It's a faded dream that I continue to brush off and breathe live into. 

I think I'm going to name the crow painting "Vision". 

Grizzly has a vision. I took this picture yesterday. I laid next to him and said
"kitty". He immediately said "WHERE?" This is his vision.
 Keeping a sharp eye out for trespassing kitty's.
Looking at this photo I realize I need to put on my makeup.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Girl with the tiger.

Girl With The Tiger

The series of paintings of Girl's with their "Spirt Guide Animals" is continuing. I'm loving this class and the women are doing remarkable work! This is not an easy class. 
These ladies grab ahold of each project and jump right in. NO FEAR! I love it. 
The next class at Paper Niche will be April 19th, Saturday, from 10:00 to 2:00 PM. 
The painting for this class is a Pakistan woman and her "guide" ~  a white tiger. 
Once again the tiger and the girl  have the same eyes, furthering their spirt connection.
Hope you can make it!
Remember, this class has a limit of 12 students. :)

I love this picture I found in the parking lot. There is just something about children's art. 
The back has "I love summer" written on it. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I'm painting!

Two whole days of working in the art studio. 
Have I mentioned (only 20 or more times) that I love having an actual place to go and make … stuff?  I'm in the middle of the next art project at Paper Niche. This one is "Girl and her Koi".
It has been difficult and the Koi looks like it's possibly related to Godzilla.
Seems to me, there are too many patterns going on. We will see how it looks when it's finished.

I'm a fan of "inspirational" signs. My son once asked why we needed so many signs telling us what to do or think. Heeheehee I loved that! The one hanging below reads: 
It's not your paintings i like, it's you're painting." 
The same goes for creating.

Yesterday, (Saturday) I had two friends over to play. Donna (below is working on a painting) and Kim is making a wedding box for her daughter and also a quilt for her new grand daughter.

This is EXACTLY what I had hoped for when I was working on the area. Not only me, but friends coming by and creating lovely things as well. I am so happy for this!  

Another one of my little signs with more words of wisdom.
I have this on my painting wall. I really needed this saying this weekend, because 3 paintings I'm working on are awful. Is it self-doubt when just plain bad? I'm not doubting myself… 
I KNOW these are bad!
However, I'm at least painting and that is GOOD!!!

My friend and muse asks when looking at a painting "What is your favorite part?" .   I have to say that on this following canvas, this tiny area of crows would be my favorite. It's about 6 inches by 6inches. So I'm posting this tiny section of the canvas for more proof that painting is going on.

And one more.

Over all, a really nice weekend.
More later!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Crows and such.

Working (playing??) in the art studio.  I don't think I can call it "working" unless
I get paid for it. :)
This week I'm practicing my crows.
The journal page is done in acrylic and water color crayons.

I finally got around to installing some lighting under the angel shelf.

Ikea sells these long flat tube lights that stick on with double stick tape. 
They often use them to illuminate  the backs of TV's, but all I know
is they are cheap and easy to install.

This is the finished shelf. I keep all my paints within arms reach, it's perfect! 
The shelf is over 6 feet so it holds a lot of supplies. 
The angels supports came off a small end table. The table was iron and was pretty rusted, to the point where one of the legs was rusted through at the top support.
I cut them off the table and attached them under the shelf, added the Ikea lighting and I love it.
So I threw that out pretty simple… the whole… "I attached them under the shelf" comment.
Hmmmm, actually I have them glued into place with E6000 glue. 
I couldn't figure out how to get them to stay put. 
It was a pretty snug fit to begin with so the heavy duty glue is doing the job. 
I didn't want that to sound so "well this is all you have do" …
I'm pretty good with double stick tape and heavy duty glue 
when it comes to putting furniture together!

Below is the before photo of the old table.

Thank you Kim J. for giving me this wonderful old table.
It is my favorite thing in the new art studio!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mermaid and her Octopus

I'm working in the new space! The art studio works beautifully. 
I am loving the room, (as in having room/space to spread everything out) 
I love not having to clean up when I'm done for the day. I have everything I
need within arms reach. I even love the quiet, or the TV, depending on my mood. 
There are still a few more 'tweaks' to be done, but it's working really nice

and I'm not feeling too guilty...

 I've painted this mermaid with her 'animal spirit guide', the Octopus. 
This is the latest in the Schizophrenic Journaling class, which is coming up again
February 23rd. We are still working on the series of art faces with their animal spirit guides.

This class will be taught on February 23rd at the Paper Niche.
This is a Sunday, at 9:00 AM until 2:00PM. 
Supply list is small.
Check with Paper Niche to see all details.
Hope to see you there!