Sunday, November 11, 2012

off with her head!

One of the things I like to do is take a photo of myself and put it on the head of something or someone else. I know that 'photoshop' is an easier way to do this, however, I'm not good at the computer so I do it the old fashion way of using an actual photo.

I used a photo (from another journaling assignment) took it to kinko's and had it copied onto regular paper. It's important that the 'head' you use is the same size as the one you are substituting it for. I use regular paper and not photo paper because I need to paint over the top of it. Photo paper will not allow you to paint over the top (too slick) and you need to be able to "apply"  (paint on) makeup!  Next,  I cut off the models head and slide and position my head until it's where I want it. 
Glue into place.

The papers, lace, collage, stenciling, stamping and arranging takes place next.

The finished journal page is done.
I am wearing this gorgeous dress and really cool "ruff", 
the neck piece that was popular in the 1500's.
I think next I'm going to put my head on a Victoria Secrets model!

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