Sunday, July 15, 2012

Caribbean Cruise

 I missed last week's post because I was on VACATION!!! My sweet mom and her new husband (Bob) took 32 family members on a Caribbean Cruise.

 This is one half of the dinner table. Every night the restaurant held seating for all 32 of us.

Our son won the "Hairy Chest Contest". Hee hee! It was shown in the rooms, (on TV) the entire trip. 
It wasn't so much about how hairy their chest was, but how much style they had. 
He proved to have lots of style.  :)
This is part of his cheering squad!

 This is the giant Graviton screen.

This picture is Grandma feeling Alex's hairy chest!

 Nothing more beautiful than Mediterranean (looking) houses with the clay roofs 
and that gorgeous turquoise ocean.

Can't go without our Art Journals! This is my niece with a journal I bought her a few months ago.  
It is almost filled all the way with writing and art. She is amazing. Kelly, my brother and his wife
came all the way from the Philippines for this cruise. Hmmm... 19 hours of flight time. I'd say they won the prize for traveling the furthest!

And of course, some local art and a really cool artist. This guy spends all day, next to the ocean with his milk crate to sit on,   and paints and paints and paints. Wonder if he wants an apprentice?


  1. the most amazing time ever!! <3 shell

    1. Wasn't it wonderful??? I had a blast too. It was also so special to spend time with you and Alex and get to know you better. You are incredibly sweet and kind and funny and pretty and just plain good. So many girls these days are bratty and bossy, you are precious.

  2. Oh my Auntie what a funny picture of me. Love the pic of Grandma. Side note - Alex was in the Hairy Chest Contest, not

    Love you xoxoxoxoxo
    Your favorite niece! (lol...j/k)

    1. Too funny! I made the corrections, two out of three "hairy's" were spelled wrong! I was way too tired when I posted.
      BTW, I think you looked great!
      auntie k

  3. Can't wait to hear all about the trip! Did you buy a piece of art from the man in the picture?