Sunday, December 18, 2011

I LOVE the holidays!

The house is decorated, the parties are over.
Now it's just the count down to Christmas.

I love the holidays but they are exhausting!

 Now it's time to start the Christmas shopping, mainly for our 26 year old son.
He's tough to buy for! Thank goodness for the gift cards.

 These cool lanterns under my stairway, are on 'loan' from my friend Donna. 
Now I'm going to have to go shopping and find three, to replace these after I
give them back. She DOES want them back. Maybe she will forget about them...

These are a few of my husband's bird houses. I love them and they look like a fairy village!
Maybe I'll just leave up the those tiny white lights. They add to the fantasy. :)

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  1. Karen Merry Christmas
    All is calm all is bright...I love your Angel tree!