Saturday, December 24, 2011

Glitter crazy!

 I never liked glitter much, until this year. Now, I love glitter! This year I glittered everything. The above photo shows what I did to the close out "Michael's" little birds. I got them for .99 cents. I painted it with Elmer's glue, held the little bird over a bowl and spooned the glitter over it until it was completely covered.

I painted the tiny eggs with glue and spooned the glitter over them.

 Hee hee, next a church that was an old "county looking' ornament. It was wooden and painted mustard yellow and green.  Now it's all sparkly silver!

 This is one of the little birds actually on the tiny tree.

I even bought a paper punch (40% off!) that was a large snowflake. I punched out a dozen or so, painted them with Elemer's and glittered the heck out them also! I love this little tree!
I've become a "glitter monster"! This coming year is looking very shiny and bright!

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