Monday, July 4, 2011


Today I began removing wallpaper. The areas that are dark brown are where I pulled off the wallpaper-all the way down to the drywall. Probably not a good thing. Also shows my total lack of patience for this type of project.
My arms and back are aching tonight.  Ripping off paper, rocking out to "White Wedding" by Billy Idol and "New Attitude by Patti LaBelle.  The ipod made it bearable.

The following picture is the "before" the tile removal. Also, the step down into the living room and the planter under the stairway is still there.

The next picture is "after" the tile has been ripped out and the concrete has been poured into the  living room and the planter.

We have to wait 30 (#!*!!#@) freakin days to put tile over the newly poured concrete.  Something to do with letting the concrete "cure". Great. Another 30 days...


  1. Love watching the progress! So sorry about the slow and tedious wait time(s)! What does Grizzly think about all this mess and activity?

  2. can't believe it will take so long! i know it will be worth it in the end.

  3. So you should have tile by the time we make it in! I love you!

  4. This is some big project! Just think how happy you're going to be when it's all finished. Then, the time involved will just fade to nothing.