Sunday, July 17, 2011

Made me smile.

 I've been feeling pretty crappy. Don't feel like going into the "whys" on my blog, but let it suffice, it's been days and days of crappy. Then today passing my neighbor's field, I see too many legs on their mini donkey.

Wait! That's not too many legs! That's a new baby!

What is it about a baby, of any kind that just makes you smile?

Mommy eating some lunch and new baby trying a nibble.

The little girl wanted to stay reaaallly close to mommy. 
I didn't blog last Sunday... just not inspired enough. But today I was grateful for the 15 minutes I spent shooting pictures of the newest addition to the neighborhood. 
Made me smile.


  1. Aren't they sweet! How small is a miniature donkey?

    Sorry you've been feeling crappy.


  2. This makes me think of the walk with my peanut and scootie tonight. I passed a house and the doggies where yipping in the yard the little white doggie seemed to have something attached to his tail something brown and tiny . I was worried so I took a closer look and WOW a tinny puppy pulling on the tail of the white " grown up" dog and the little guy would not let go - so cute !!! Any way How are you sweetie??? ( sound kind- of of blue?? it is ok you have had reason in your life to be so .. so just be with it- Ok? ) Miss you hugs Julie