Saturday, June 4, 2011

I actually wear it!

Proof that I actually wear some of the jewelry I make! This is my nephew Phillip and me at Mom and Bob's wedding. The necklace I have on (pictured above) is shown below, close up. It was a really, really fun project. BTW, my nephew is quite an adorable man too!
I was working on my soldering skills at Art & Soul. Too bad I only seem to get to the soldering once or twice a year! This class was by Sally Jean Alexander the reigning queen of solder.

She came with pre-cut perfume bottles that we silver soldered and attached chains and sparkles. We soldered small pendants with photos and antique papers between the glass.

The rhinestone pieces were buttons and the perfume bottle stopper was an antique earring.

Inside the bottle was torn pieces of antique papers. The one I used was from a journal ledger from 1873! You can open the bottle to store wonderful love notes or secret messages. If I was Angelina Jolie. I could put Billy Bob Thorton's blood in there...
OK, that's was just gross. What was she thinking with that bottle of blood around her neck?

What ever I put in there, it's my secret. That's why it was called the "secret perfume bottle" class. Classes are already posted for next year's "Art and Soul".
Oh boy, what I need is a "secret" stash of money to pay for these classes.


  1. What a wonderful picture this is! Oh, and you look good too Karen! Lol.