Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm tired of blue filters

Have you noticed how many movies are now produced in blue filter? It seems like the new thing. I suppose it gives the scene an eerie kind of mood. I noticed it first in "Gladiator", but now it's in many movies. It makes the scene more spooky or suspenseful. The above snail was made by my sister Rudi. It's made entirely of concrete and weighs a ton. I colored it in blue to make the point that blue filters really set the feel. Plus the snail is looking rather worried and fretful to begin with.

Let's try it with Grizzly and see if the blue makes his scene look a little more suspenseful or sneaky....

Hey, it works.

Now that I brought this to your attention, the blue is going to drive you crazy because now you will see it EVERYWHERE in movies.


  1. Hilarious! I have to find you the link for Phil's band new pictures. You are going to LOOOOVVVEEE the blue filter the photographer used. Ha!

  2. Yeah, I can see your point. I'm tired of it now.


  3. I am so in love with him and he looks so hip. I wonder if he thinks of me often and with affection. LOL :)

  4. I LOVE THIS PIC OF GRIZZ!! <3 michele