Sunday, May 8, 2011

Atlanta Aquarium (part one of three)

For years I've heard of the Atlanta Aquarium. While visiting my sister she took us on the grand tour. Wow, it is amazing.

My sweet great niece viewing the huge tanks. What a beautiful girl.

SEA WORMS!! Who ever heard of these creatures??? This is what they do all day! Swaying to and fro... This, and if they are close enough, they seem to be fighting all the time. They're fighting and can't get away from each other... It's a good thing they don't have arms. With all their fighting, I'm sure if they could they would be socking the hell out of each other.
Ahhh, God and his infinite plan.

Another really cool tank. I think if I did drugs, this would have been a tripping hallucination.
The Atlanta Aquarium is a definite "go to" if you ever have some extra time in Georgia.
Parts 2 & 3 are following...

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  1. I was lucky to visit the Atlanta Aquarium, it is amazing. Great photos Karen!