Thursday, May 19, 2011

Art and Soul (project 1)

picture/ necklace back

The purpose of an art blog is to publish some art. Well, mine seems to be more about my life (sometimes) than about art. I try to keep a balance, however life often takes precedent over projects. "Art and Soul" was weeks ago and I haven't posted about any of my classes.
Today I'm showing off one of the necklaces

picture/necklace front

This is made out of sterling silver metal clay. It's actual silver that you roll out and press in designs, cut out shapes (like the heart) and mold into any shape you desire. Then it's fired like other clays and when it's done cooking you polish it up and it's ready to wear!


  1. How beautiful! The process sounds so interesting to me. I have a kiln, but have never done anything more than ceramics in it.
    It's a lovely necklace Karen. LOVE IT!
    hugs from here...

  2. I love it Karen Maybe I'll get going on that type of art in Santa Monica. " Biggeerthan the sky"