Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another art weekend

I'm back home again, Finally! All weekends of travel are behind me. This last weekend was "Fandango", a polymer clay convention in Lake Yale, Florida.

I drove up (almost to Ocala) for this class taught by Maureen Carlson. All work shown here is hers.

She teaches how to make faces in clay, beads, and then put them all together to form a necklace. A "story teller necklace" or "spirit necklace".

It was so much fun! And she was a great teacher. These faces are pretty easy to make and the beauty is, since they arn't suppose to be "pretty", they lend themselves to messy or ugly or not perfect. Which is great because that's how I work.

I'm really glad that my 4 weeks of travel is over. I realized I don't have a wander's soul. I just want to settle down and go to work on all the great stuff I've learned over the last month. That and clean the house. It's missed me in my absense.


  1. How beautiful! These are really stunning and look like such fun! Can't wait to see what you do with this new learning.