Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yellow Journal is back!

Four friends decided to participate in a journal swap.
The parameters were: The owner of each journal had to find a journal, paint the front and back cover and send it off to the next friend, who in turn had done the same. The only limitation was you had to work within the artist chosen color. We did this many years ago. My sister was 'Yellow', I was 'DARK Red', Kim was 'Blue' and her sister Kelly was 'Black and White'.

I just received 'Yellow' in the mail once again! After many years, my sis and I decided to work in each others journals once again.

These are some of the journal pages from many years ago, from the pages of 'Yellow'.

Maybe Kim and Kel will want to get in on this again!!

'Yellow' is continued in the next post....

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  1. Love these pages. Man, I love journals...such a cool thing and these pages really turned out great. I've been taking an online class, so I've been playing for a couple of days now...yours have given me great inspiration! Love it!