Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yellow Journal is back part 2!

So many different forms of art!

I'm working on what is called scribble art so I decided to do scribble art in 'Yellow' this week. The above quote was by Ringo Starr. I used it on the opposite page of my yellow octopus. Along with a paragraph from the song "Octopus's Garden"

You run random swirls of paint on the page and let the design dictate what the picture will become. When I finished my swirlys, it was obvious it was going to be an Octopus.
Scribble art is taught by Carla Sonheim. Her book is called:
"Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists"

This is the back of the journal.
My sis is a genius. I love what she does. Actually, I love what we all did. It was a riot!


  1. oh gosh, it's like seeing an old friend!

  2. Do ya wanna send out "Blue"?