Sunday, November 14, 2010

Roo's paintings

My sister Rudi is an amazing artist. This last weekend we all met for a family reunion. She brought some photos of her most recent work. They are way too big to travel with. The first set is a group of 4 paintings. They are each approx. 1' x 4'.
The second painting is of an angel. He's 3' x 5'. I had to blur his 'private parts', although they were not really vivid to begin with.
I've always wanted to paint. I mean really paint, like a fine artist. I realized that me being a true painter is like me wanting to be able to cook or have a big organic garden.
It's the image that I want.
I want to be able to say "I own a gourmet catering business..." but I don't even LIKE to cook, let alone make a business out of it. I don't like to garden either. It doesn't stop me from wishing I had a small farm with fresh vegetables I could pick everyday. Well, painting is the same. I do not have any desire to paint and paint until I can create something worth while. I don't want to put in the time.
I just want to be able to do it.
In the mean time, I live vicariously through those that can.

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