Sunday, November 14, 2010

Family reunion

This above photo was taken in the front yard of mom's house. Ocala is beautiful. She lives next to a horse farm and gets to watch the thoroughbreds grazing. It's beautiful.
This weekend we all got together for a mini family reunion. A family reunion AND mom and Bob made their engagement announcement. How amazing is this! They are going to make it official! Bob bought mom a gorgeous ring and they will be getting married sometime next year. These two "kids" are in their mid 70's. Both were happily married for 50 years (each) before the passing of our other parent. That means the two of them have combined years of over 100 years married!

This above picture in looking in the opposite direction of the horse farm. It's so peaceful there.

Left to right: Rudi, mom, Karen, Kathy, Bob's daughter and granddaughter, Pam and sweet Dillan.

Some of our family getting together to honor mom and Bob. Congratulations to you two!!!

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  1. I am quite sad that Kaila and myself were not included in the "girl" picture!

    I'm glad we are in the dinner one though!

    I love you!

    Your awesome neice!