Sunday, June 27, 2010

My French Mannequin

I just finished the final touches on my new pal for the studio! In the following post, I've included pictures and instructions as to what I did to get her to this final stage.

She stands in the corner next to my "trash to treasure" candle holder. I love the girlie, girlie thing!

A new girlfriend for my studio!

The only girlie space in my entire house is in my studio. I live in a home filled with major testosterone. Even the dog is male. I've wanted a French Mannequin for my girlie room for a long time. Everywhere I looked (ebay/antique stores...) they were either too distressed or way too expensive. I found the wonderful blog by Heather Bullard and she shows how to buy a new mannequin and distress it to look old. Wow! How fantastic!
Shown in the picture above is the new girl, getting a coat of primer.
The next step was to paint her in a beautiful vintage looking cream color. There is an antiquing glaze made by "Valspar" that comes premixed. I rubbed that over the cream paint.
Then scuff and sand the support pole and legs. (They came prepainted black) The one on the left is new, the one on the right has been scuff sanded.

I wanted to put "Paris" on the neck. I looked for stamps, but I wanted something larger. When I was in Mount Dora I came across this old clock. The lettering was perfect! My friend Donna suggested that I use this as my lettering. I quick snapped a photo and made it into a print the correct size for the neck.
I made 2 prints in case I messed up one...

Next I cut out the lettering. I found this really, really, tiny cutter at AC Moore and with my 50% off coupon, it cost me $5.00. Now I had my stencil!!

Because the fabric was ribbed I had to do some clean up with a fine point 'Sharpie' and some of the original cream colored paint using my liner brush.

And now she is finished! Finally, another girl (albiet a half of a girl) is living in the house!
$32.00 mannequin
$9.50 shipping
$2.50 spray primer (approx)
$8.00 quart of paint (approx)
$6.00 glaze (approx)
$5.00 new exacto knife
$63.00 total
Thank you Heather Bullard for all the help!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Part of my job

Part of my job with Sherwin Williams Paint Company is training. I love this part of my job. The people I teach make it fun and easy. Sometimes I teach "customer service" and this last week I taught "Faux Finishing".
Sherwin Williams has discontinued their old line of Faux products and come out with an entirely new line of Faux Finish products. There are some wonderful new items, one being a beautiful metallic that can be ROLLED onto the wall! And it comes in 60 colors!

This is one of my classes. Looks like a sea of blue shirts!

Here is Jennifer and Tito working on the "Old World Fresco Finish"

Troy and James are working with the "Metallic" in a color called "Gauntlet Grey".
Missy is just using an ordinary roller to "brush" the surface to get the "Brushed Metallic " finish. When it dries it looks like metallic paint you would see on a car.

The teaching is done, for a while anyway and now it's back to work as usual. The new products arrive in the stores in July.

I'm waiting (not so) patiently. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome Macy Jordan!

Oh, what a beautiful baby! Welcome to this world Macy Jordan! Melissa and Gary (from work) had little Macy yesterday. I don't know what's happening to me. I'm such a sap. Just the thought of the miracle of birth and bringing a new life into the world makes me get so teary.

I wasn't always like this. I didn't even want children for the first 8 years we were married. But something happened and we had our babies. After we had our two, I wanted another one but my husband said he was getting too old.

I wish I had insisted on just one more...

Babies are such perfect beauty in tiny, tiny proportions.

In these pictures, Macy was less than 24 hours old. The nurses say she's cranky. Humph. Labels already! She wasn't cranky, she was perfectly adorable.

Sleep tight little girl. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Girls weekend!!

Donna and I went on a girl's weekend trip. What a blast!! We started our trip in Orlando at "Stampfest". It's always so much nicer to see the stamps up close and personal. I never knew I needed that crow stamp so bad, or how could I pass up that beautiful background stamp for only $5.00? It was great. Spent too much money, but I needed it all!
We spent the night in Ocala at mom's house. It was so sweet seeing her with her boyfriend, Bob. Sunday morning we hit the road early and headed back south to Mount Dora for the weekend flea market. We found a little store inside the covered pavilions called "English Rose", owned by Sandra Bentley. She had a wonderful one day sale going on for her entire store!!

Aren't those words just music to your ears? SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! We loved working with Sandra and loved the great prices.
Here's a picture of Donna holding up one of her linen vintage hankies.

This lamp was spectacular. It's kind of hard to see it, but it's the skelaton wires of a lampshade covered with real dried vines. Oh, I loved it!

Lastly, Grizzly was VERY happy I was home tonight. He came over to when I was uploading my photos and wouldn't leave me alone until I assured him he was the best dog ever and gave him some of his favorite cookies.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Garden of Weedon

I have a little garden area outside of my dining room. It's usually overgrown and dried out, ignored and neglected. Over the past 20 years I've tried to grow a beautiful space. I'm envious of successful gardeners like Vanessa from "A fanciful twist". Doesn't everyone want a beautiful green space? I've always imagined that I would have a gorgeous garden. I also thought I would be a gourmet cook, grow my own food, raise organic chickens, speak three languages, be thin, love to exercise, be a professional photographer and have my own clothing line that I could whip up out of velvet curtains. The thing is, to be any of the above, you have to work really, really hard at it. I don't. I just expected that they would happen. They don't. My garden is taking a lot of work. It's coming along a little.
This is one tiny little area, in my "garden of weedon".

Fake out studio

My studio is really our guest bedroom. This is the view from the bed, across the room. When you walk by the entrance and look in, it's kinda important that it looks like nice. So from the door way, it looks like this:

Magazines like "Studio" or "Where Women Create" are bad. They make me "pine" (as Webster dictionary defines "to suffer intense longing.") for a real studio. Right now my REAL studio is in the family room. The stamps, pads, clay and papers fill an entire table, sitting out in the open to hopefully inspire me to start back to work.

My fake-out studio is also a gift wrapping room. My husband hung this pegboard behind the door to hold all the wrapping paper and (re"gifting") gift bags. See picture below.

Kinda a cool thing, yes?

So, if you stay in the guest room, on the guest bed, this is your view across the room.

Then there is the closet which is outfitted with shelves that hold all the extra supplies, waiting patiently for me to take out and MAKE SOMETHING!

The studio space is working for today. My dream of the perfect studio will someday not only be in my head or on paper but an actual space. Does anyone else have a "studio" like this one?

Stephanie Rubiano

My mom always sends me a wonderful birthday gift. ($$) The timing is perfect because it arrives in time for me to go to "Art and Soul" and buy myself something a little special. Last year it was a necklace by Sally Jean Alexander and this year it was a piece from Stephanie Rubiano. I wanted so badly to take her class, however I was already committed to other projects. Next year for sure I'm signing up. This little lovely spoke to me. I'm not sure if it was the little "cottage" or the "unbearable" sign. Either way, she is now mine.

Thank you mom, your the best mom in the whole world.
karen b'daren
or kathy, rudi
or whatever you call me that day :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today I was at the Cooper City Antique Mall. I came across this adorable old children's painting easel. It is just "Too Cute!" as the sign said. Fun store to visit if your in Cooper City, Florida.
It also came with this old chalkboard. Thank you Debbie (previous owner) for my sweet find!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Love the Lattes!

I LOVE Lattes. I've been a huge fan of Star Bucks and Dunkin but I recently found that I can make my own! I bought a milk Frother from "Sur la table". It's a great little tool that really whips up the milk. (or in my case Soy Creamer because of the no cholesterol/no sugar factor) They are SOOO good! The Frother's comes in different styles, mine was around $20.00, which was nothing compared to how much I was spending in the coffee shops. I sprinkle a little cinnamon on top because my sis say's it's healthy. I don't even miss the sugar!

How can I work in here?

I can't even walk in here. Where is my work table? I hadn't even put away the "Disney Epcot" art show stuff, let alone the "Art and Soul Retreat" goodies and supplies. What a disaster. A full day of organizing and my wonderful husband installing an additional shelf in the closet has allowed me to once again enter my space!
Yahoo! A clear floor! I can actually get to my table and work , lol, not that I'm doing any work... I even put labels on the new boxes that tell what is inside them. The large box (in the foreground) in the first picture, holds my new french mannequin. I bought her for $32.99 on eBay, then distressed her so she looks "antique". You can see her in the back corner in all her glory!