Thursday, December 31, 2009

The last eve of 2009

Hard to believe that the year 2009 is going away. It's almost 10:00 PM, New Year's Eve, with only 2 more hours left. Chuck and I are home. Alex is with Kristi, bringing in the new year with much celebrating. Our neighbors are setting off fireworks. Grizzly stood his ground in the front yard, barking for the better half of an hour. All fireworks have been warned.

Every year I make resolutions. My girlfriend Kim calls them "goals". Which is really a better name for them because you can reset goals when ever you want but New Year's resolutions can only be set once a year. I need the freedom to start over many times in a year. So I'm calling them goals too.

There are many "goals" for this year, such as improving the blog, more "art" in the art journals, learning "Photo Shop", teaching the art classes, the start of a new business. (huh?) Tomorrow I will write them all down. I like these lists. Writing them down brings them closer. I need to grow, improve, and continue to strive to learn more.

I wish for a wonderful 2010 for all my family and friends, and for all those who will become my friends this year.


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