Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

It was a very mellow Christmas at the Fullerton's this year. I cheated on the cooking side of things, opting for a "Honey Baked Ham". Chuck and I only had to prepare side dishes. Alex's Kristi, (the sweetheart) joined us for dinner, rounding out our small group to the four of us. It wasn't our best Christmas, but far from our worst... Alex and I had a bad morning which really started the day out wrong. I promised Alex "coal in the stocking" if there was ever a repeat performance. However, soon the holiday spirit prevailed and our Christmas turned very sweet indeed.
The following pictures are of my favorite Christmas tree. It's a tall skinny "forever"(fake) tree covered in tiny white lights, snow, crystals, and all kinds of angels. The fabric angel holding the handful of tiny lights is the tree topper. There is a paper angel that Alex colored when he was 9 years old and also a picture of a funky soft sculpture angel, that is one of my favorites.
Of course, on Christmas Grizzly gets his gift. Somehow every year he remembers this event and waits with anticipation for his turn. One picture shows him opening his gift and the other pic is the most ADORABLE expression of him looking at his present.
I hope that all had a wonderful holiday season this year. Heart happiness to everyone.

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