Friday, October 23, 2009

Working in wax

I love Lisa Kaus's work. I especially love the wax finish she puts on her pieces. Recently I took an encaustic wax class at my favorite stamp store "Stamp Shack", here in Fort Lauderdale. I HAD to learn how Lisa gets those beautiful wax effects. I am thrilled to say, it's easy! In the following pictures you can see my first attempts at this really cool technique.

You need wax, I use Beeswax for candles.
You need a wax iron.

That's it!

Melt the wax onto the iron. Smooth and slide the hot wax around the surface of your piece by "ironing" it.

I experimented a little by using a little gold wax along with the regular clear wax. The stamp is by Daniel Torrente. (I love their freaky little people, stamps) The collage pieces are an assortment of papers.
I hope you can see the wax finish on the 2nd and 3rd following photos.


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