Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dumpster dive furniture: before and after

My (hero) husband finds me great dumpster dive stuff. This piece was being thrown away but is now resurrected. It will find it's way into my art room to hold my never ending stamp collection. Repainting junk is a passion of mine. Here are the steps for giving an old piece a new look.

Clean, sand and prime. I like XIM primer spray paint.

Paint base color. I used Sherwin Williams "Zeus". It's a beautiful gray/green that has an old world look. The backs and base of shelves are painted a creamy white. Use a satin sheen.

Next I applied a glaze. This gives the piece an aged look. I don't like crisp and clean. There's nothing crisp and clean about my house, so why start now? Glaze is clear. You need to add color to it. Since I like old, I add brown or dark golden colors, usually whatever is around the house. The breakdown is 4 to 1. Remember, alotta glaze to a little paint, or 4 parts glaze to 1 part paint, To apply glaze, use a damp sea sponge (with very little glaze) and smush/slide it over the surface.

Now you stencil or paint your art.

Add a clear sealer if you want further protection.

Happy painting!

Final 4 photos are following this post.

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