Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas has started.

or also known as 

Rum, and eggnog~ one of my Christmas traditions.

We've gone through some incredibly painful Christmas's. With time, things are getting better. 
They're still hard but I see where they ARE getting better. 
In fact, we just had a really, really sweet Thanksgiving.
   One difficulty I have is decorating the house for Christmas. So many memories...

  Then a few years ago I discovered Rum and Eggnog. I'm not a big drinker, 
however one day a year I break out the R&E and I celebrate the holiday. 
I'm alone for most of the decorating, and I'm totally ok with this. 
I actually like it. 
It's a lot of work, decorating a house, but I really want to keep the spirit of Christmas going.
I've begun looking forward to this day, of pulling out box after box of holiday cheer.
It takes several days to finish it all.
Healing of the heart takes a really long time. 
We love, work, cope, grow, celebrate, and continue living. 
Life is good.
Somedays require a little rum and eggnog.

Happy start of the Christmas holidays.

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