Monday, September 7, 2015

Wynwood art

In Miami there is a wonderful place called Wynwood.  It is some of the best Graffitti art you will ever see. I mean seriously beautiful art. It's all painted with spray cans! My friends and I visited last Friday night. The area is kinda sketchy, a poorer area of Miami, however because of the concept of bringing wonderful paintings into the streets, the area is becoming popular. There are restaurants now, and nice bars and boutiques. Just a short time ago, this area was seriously depressed. Now we felt very safe and (not at any point) concerned for our safety.

The art is very diversified as shown above (Me with my BFF Kim) in contrast to 
the wall shown below.

You can look it up at

Too many photos to post, here is just a few of my favorites.
Check it out when in Miami.


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