Sunday, September 13, 2015

Two crows and a rabbit.

A rabbit.

I'm trying to learn to paint "looser". All of my work is what is called "tight".
I've always made my lines crisp and clean and precise.  
However, my desire is to paint in a relaxed style.
I'm learning that there is nothing relaxing about it.

I'm very, very tense while painting in this loose style.
The rabbit above is the closest I've come.

Two crows.
I suppose these guys are a combo of tight and loose. A least the background feels a little relaxed, however the crows have my usual sharper lines.
I'm feeling rather frustrated this week.
Maybe I'm not meant to paint in this new style.
Back to the drawing board or the painting room or painting board ~ or what ever.
I'm stressing just thinking about it.
Not a good way to start the loose, relaxed style.

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