Saturday, September 26, 2015

Crows in Conversation

I found a  new set of angel wings in North Carolina. They were $12.99 and are around 12 inches. The paint brushes are my mom's.  Now, I have this little piece of my mom in my art studio and it reminds me of her daily.  Her knees are really bad ~ now a days, but she still painfully drags herself up the stairs, to sit with me while I paint.

I love her, and I love this little piece of her that I can keep close, 
even when she is not in town.

This is my latest painting I've been working on this weekend. 

Crows in Conversation. 
It felt like any group talking, gossiping, conversing. Some crows are in the middle of it, some just close enough to hear what's going on,  some trying to become a part, 
one on the outside trying to hear...

I'm not wanting to return to work. I want to paint all day :)

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