Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday morning thoughts.

Sunday morning thoughts.

When our youngest son moved out and started living on his own, I was struck with a sense of sadness that went beyond the preverbal 'empty nest'. With the death of our first son, and now our last child finding his wings,  the "empty" was deep, lonely and well,   frightening. 

In my dream life, Chuck and I would have family get togethers with our big strapping boys and their wives and of course their big families. I saw where we'd be cooking dinners and laughing and toasting.  

Have you ever heard the saying:
"If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." ?

My ideal life has changed. Maybe someday our boy will get married and have those grandchildren and we will get to sit at the head of a long dinner table and rejoice in (still another) new direction… 
who knows? 

I've realized, I must MAKE a life. 
Albeit different than what I imagined, but a full life regardless.

 I hear my mothers voice in my head, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

Oh mom. My gratitude on this Sunday morning...

I've been struck by the joy I am finding in the simple things. This morning up in my studio, my coffee cup was steaming. "Click" goes my camera and for a moment I've frozen the image. 
I love this time. Mornings are the best. My whole day is ahead of me and 

I've been feeling…possibilities.

I'm looking at my easel wall.  I don't know what I will be working on today, 
but I have the entire day to work on something. Hmmm, gratitude. Something that I love to do, and a free day to do it.

My conscience doll. She stares down at me, making me focus…
I'm smiling.

I like the way my life is right now.

A painting of our dog, Grizzly.
Today it looks like I will rework this one a little and start a new painting.

Life is good.
Find a simple joy.
Find a gratitude.

Thank you God.

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