Friday, May 30, 2014

My latest angel…

or as my husband calls it:
"Statue of Liberty Angel with prison ID numbers"

Borrowing a line from Sarah McLachlan, I'm going to call her
"May You Find Some Comfort There"

This painting is from a photo of a cemetery angel I found on the Internet. Unfortunately, the entire article was in Spanish so I couldn't give credit. It did say "Buenos Aires" and something about "Y desespero".  I love cemeteries and the old head stones and statues found there. 
The photo was beautiful and inspiring.

Although (the photo) admittedly didn't much resemble the Statue of Liberty as much as mine does. We had an air conditioner repair man here when I was putting on the final touches. Chuck asks the repair man "Hey, what does this look like to you?" Instead of saying concrete angel he immediately says (you already guessed) "Statue of Liberty." At which time my husband starts whooping and gives the guy a high five.

First I put down a collection of papers.  I used acrylic paints, black, Payne's Grey and white, followed by a color wash of browns. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Where does inspiration come from?

Where does inspiration come from?


Painting Sheep

I started painting sheep. Not that I'm finished with crows yet. It just gives me something else right now to work on. I think the hardest part of painting (and teaching) is trying to figure out what it is, I want to paint. Once the inspiration hits, then you've got a direction. Finding that inspiration is sometimes almost impossible. Just how, do you find your ideas?

My mom raised Nubian Goats for many years. I was always fascinated by their strange eyes, with sideways pupils. There is a funny golden~green coloring that seemed almost iridescent. Sheep have the same eyes but their bodies are fatter (because of the fur?) and this appeals to me.  It's puzzling,  how inspiration hits in the weirdest ways. So for today, I'm painting sheep. The sheep above I titled "Where to, today?" For some reason, as soon as his face was almost complete, his expression was asking me that question. 
Now that he's finished, the question is there once again.  What to paint next? Or Where to, today? 
It doesn't matter. I'm just going to go to my studio and start preparing canvas's and hope that something strikes me. Some how... to get an idea down and out of the recess's in my brain.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

More trash to treasures/ the bunny!

This (above) bunny was a gift from my mom and dad from YEARS ago. It's little paper mache body was stuffed in the back of the closet, all but completely forgotten. When I reworked the upstairs into the (now turned) art studio, I pulled her from her hiding place and covered the odd mustard yellow paper mache with white printed tissue paper. I color washed it with more white and lastly repainted the details  giving her pink eyes, nose and ears. 
Oh yea, she also got a great white feather boa!
I'm serious when I say this entire room was done in all old stuff, hand me downs and trash to treasures.
Still loving this space!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

 Mermaid Paper Doll & Her Sea Horse.

Hello everyone! I'm making my first stab at working with Paper Dolls. I've never had any experience in this area so if you take my class, you can probably teach me a thing or two about "how-to"!

This class is offered at the Paper Niche  May 17th, at 10:00-2:00. 
In the below pictures, the two are not totally finished. I'm adding rhinestones to her sea horse and more of the "Stickle Glitter". This is your chance to really get creative in adding all kinds of cool items. Also not finished are her 'boobies'. They need some work… Maybe I will just add some real sea shells to this area.

The two have movable body parts. Her horse's head and tail fin move and she is jointed in 10 (!) places.  These two can be displayed in your studio space OR glued down in your Schizophrenic Art Journal. We are staying within the theme of the 'Girl with her Spirit Animal'. Her eye shape and color are the same as her horse. There is a lot of room for 'making this your own'. Change the color of their scales, hair and eye color, where ever your imagination leads you!

On the home front, Mom came through her hip surgery great. The doctor's say she is about two weeks ahead of the average person in healing. Her knees gave her fits though. We knew her hips and her knees were both bad, but the doctor said they treat first, what is most urgent, and that was her hip. So she is now on her way to being mended. Amazing what those doctors can do these days. Next will be those knees of hers.

Thank you for your prayers for Kay,