Monday, January 13, 2014

Studio, spare bed room, sewing station...

This is the view as you come up the stairs.
I love the white pine (laminate) floors. This space was so dark before and it felt dirty.
Well yes, no wonder… the carpet was 34 years old. The new white reflects the light and 
brightens up the area, where the carpet just soaked up the dirt and the light.

Below, the old windows were hung on a faux finish I painted 15 years ago. Time for it to go! 
Bring in the white!

The upstairs is divided into areas. This view is of the "painting" area in the upstairs.

Below is the wall that had the windows on it. I'm not sure I'm keeping this display but I love my little sheep and my dress form. The cowboy boots have been knocking around in my closet for as long as I've been married! My husband makes bird houses, these are a couple of them but they are scattered around the space.

A close up of my dress form. One of my earlier posts shows how to take a new form and antique it.
 I have "Paris" stenciled on the neck.  
She holds some of my jewelry I've made in art classes I've taken in the past.

The view of the bed.

This is a "before" photo of the room. 

Below is the "after" photo.

The "sewing section" is on the left. You can see my 40 year old "Singer Genie" sewing machine, waiting for the next project. To help with the darkness of this space I have 3 hanging chandeliers . 
The two on the right were store bought and the one on the left is a flea market redo. 
As you can see, the ceiling is very dark as is the wall on the left. There is only one window in this part of the space.  I really wanted to brighten up this space and eliminate the dingy feeling.White walls, white linens, white furniture, white accessories, white curtains. The curtains are from Ikea. They were $19.98, a great buy. They look just like linen. White linen. 

Not all furniture was painted white. This sewing table below (belonging to the "Singer Genie")  is painted a very pale, gray green. 

This is a "remake" chandelier. I will be posting what I did in another post, soon to follow.
I will say that I like to "tacky" up my chandeliers with crystal Christmas garland and cheap Party City or Party Supermarket pearls. 

Have I mentioned that everything in my house is pretty masculine? Right down to hanging indian war spears and buffalo skulls… I like the idea of finally getting some feminine space.

I now have a room for things I've collected over the years, like this little antique child's painting easel. 


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