Monday, January 13, 2014

Studio painting and mixed media

This is the area to the left of the stairs...

 My space is divided into areas. Sewing section, painting, mixed media and jewelry sections, a bed for guests and a reading/drinking coffee/drinking wine (depending on the time of day…) area. This area is for painting and mixed media and jewelry. 

For my Christmas present this year I wanted a TV for this space. The flooring was what I really considered as my gift, but Chuck said it was really a gift for the family because the carpet was 34 years old and pretty gross.  I figure I'm up there for hours and I like the company that a TV provides. I found my 19 inch TV at Best Buy for $90.00 and because I agreed to get their credit card I received another $20.00 off. The TV cost $70.00 when it was all said and done.

I like the coverings under the tables. They are two painter's drop cloths that I had in storage for years. Sherwin William's Paint store was closing them out, and I bought them for pennies. 
They hide much of my supplies. The table in the back is an old door (garbage) that I painted pale green. It's sitting on two Walmart bookshelves $17.97 each. They are wonderful because they hold a huge amount and help keep me organized.

This is some work in progress. This table is large and because the window sill has an extension shelf on it, it holds things that make me happy.

 This chandler is the same one as shown below. I bought it at the flea market for $35.00. It was in great shape, just dirty and missing a few crystals. I painted it white and loaded it up with crystals and pearls. Hey, a hint for you… BUY YOUR PEARLS at Christmas time in the garland department. Or BUY YOUR PEARLS at Party City, or Party Supermarket. 
Super cheap!

Above photo was taken before the chandelier was painted white.

This sign in my window is for my friend Kim Ramey, at Front Door Studios.  She has inspired me to continue painting through all my insecurities. "Kill your demons" she says. Don't let them stop you from painting and creating. They are there to stop you. Don't let them.
Kill them.
kill them…
kill them now.

Now go paint something.

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