Monday, January 13, 2014

More studio stuff...

 The first thing you see in the studio is a large white hutch. It was originally dark brown but (almost EVERYTHING upstairs) is now painted white or very pale green and this piece was no exception. Nothing was safe from me. I painted almost everything. A total of 7 pieces of furniture. That doesn't include the lamps, rabbits, frames, chairs, shelfs… Nothing was safe!

My friend from Paper Niche (Tammy) was so kind. She gave me an amazing rolling, metal peg board display. This piece was also painted white (from the original black) and because it rolls (AND spins)  it's perfect.

On top of the peg board was a "sign holder". However, I didn't want to put a sign in there.
I stuck one of my angels on top and painted her a pony to ride on!

The rack holds most my "everyday" stencils.  I clip them together with  a spring clip
and hang them on a hook. I can use heavy duty magnets for things and
there is even an accent clip board holding current projects.  Everything is kept close at hand,
so I no longer have to go digging under the bed or through the back of my car for what I need. 

Everything is within an arm's reach.

 Below is the "before" picture of the hutch. Thank you to my dear friend Charlene for thinking of me when she needed to find a home for it! It's easy to know what to do with painting furniture when everything is white! I sanded, primed and painted it "Linen White" by Gliddon Paint, at Home Depot. By the way… this is a lovely soft white for walls and furniture.

The photo below is the "before" room. The boxes on the floor are the new white pine laminate.

 Photo below: this is now the view at the top of the stairs, to the right. I love the white! As you can see, the hutch is now white, as is the floor, walls and spinning peg board. I have plans to put some shelves to the left of the painting table, but I'm waiting to see what I can find with my dumpster diving.

 The top of the hutch has a collection of goodies. Again, spending almost no money. The white lamp (thank you Donna!) was an old flea market lamp, kinda a brassy color, with an angel. I needed to make a stand to support the lamp shade. I used an old paint roller! I took off the bars that hold the roller and made a tepee shape, I attached it to the top of the lamp and then wired the lamp shade to it! I painted the angel white and added the shade with crystals and chains and pendants.
It's a little fussy and feminine but I love it!

The bird house is one of many from my husband.

Love the rabbit. It was originally a mustard yellow color. My mom gave it to me, but I never knew where to put it. I decopoged it with white tissue paper, then repainted it "white rabbit" style. I love the pink eyes! Finished it off with a feather boa…
(below is the "before" rabbit)

This is the "after" ~ now white, rabbit.
I think she looks fancy…



  1. Karen, your space is just wonderful! Congrats! So happy for you! You worked your little magic and every corner is telling a story! I love that you have different sections...I should try that so I wouldn't have paint on my fabric!! Have many creative days in your new space! Miss you! Hugs

  2. Thank you Brigitte! I'm loving this space. I will be posting again, more projects in the works. I'm so glad you enjoyed viewing it.