Sunday, July 28, 2013

Is decoupage dead?

 I need to ask. Is decoupage dead?

I been working in the "new" studio (yeay!!!)
I made the mistake of painting my tables black AND buying black book shelves 
to support the painted-repurposed-door that is now my painting table. I have two 
tables now and both are black which is ok except I've decided to do the studio 
mostly in vintage linens and whites.
I decoupaged one of the black tables with cool papers, stamps and paints.

I was able to bring in some of my angel pictures.

Lots of layered papers and paint made for an interesting collage.

I added messages to myself, like "MAKE SOMETHING"!

Maybe if I say I "collaged" my table instead of I "decoupaged" my table
it will be more acceptable... Hey, I don't care. 
I like it.

This is part of the studio. Some of my nests and eggs.
And a nest of babies...
just for you kim :)

This is the other black table, under the window. 
LOOK! There is art stuff taking place!
It's coming along.


  1. Whatever you call it, they look fantastic. You are so talented!

  2. The nest of babies! I'm so doing that!

    Also, love seeing the big jars of paint!

    I'd have to say decoupage isn't dead, it has just been remixed....